Monday, January 26, 2009

pouring concrete

Today we poured the concrete for the plunge pool on Lil Bay Beach. The pool will be part of the beach bar we are building there. I'm so excited this project is taking shape!

The concrete truck and pump.

Guys with the big hose.

Filling the mold with 4000 psi concrete. As you can observe, the plunge pool is very near the sea, so it has to be built ultra strong.

The concept we are working toward.


Miguel said...

uaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhuuuu! eso va a ser maravilloso! Muchas felicidades, me alegra ver que it only gets better!

saludos desde México.
Miguel Verde

Chazo said...

When do you expect this to be done? We're coming in May and were wondering if it will be ready then.