Monday, August 9, 2010

"there goes 28 years!"

A flight attendant ran out of patience on a plane that just landed at JFK on Monday afternoon, so he allegedly cursed a blue streak over the p.a. system, grabbed some beers,  pulled the emergency chute, slid down and ran from the plane,  sources said.

Jet Blue employee Steven Slater, 38, was working on Flight 1052 from Pittsburgh to Kennedy Airport, which landed at around 12 p.m., when he got into a verbal altercation with a passenger, law-enforcement sources said.

Following a heated exchange, the flight attendant told off the entire plane on the public address system, activated an emergency chute near the back of the plane and jumped down the evacuation slide and ran for it.

- NBC New York

You go, Steven! Sometimes you just gotta say, 'F_ck it!'

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Margaret said...

When I heard this story as it hit the news, my first thought was the quote on your blog. Haven't we all felt jut like Steven at some time in our lives?