Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"hurricane" atlanta (cont)

Next, the Birthday Group took off for an overnight trip to Pigeon Cay!

Everyone boards the Kiton at Paya Bay's dock...

... and there's lots of excitement in the air about the adventure ahead. There was also perhaps a bit of apprehension regarding the overnight aspect of this trip (no one knew what quite to expect with this wild idea of spending the night on a small uninhabited Caribbean cay).

After arriving at the cay, "sleeping camp" was set up under the trees on the breezy eastern end...

... and a "beach bar" set up about mid-cay.

A beautiful afternoon of snorkeling and exploring slowly turned into a beautiful sunset. The feeling of having this beautiful little cay all to yourself is hard to describe.

When darkness falls, things really ramp up. A roaring bonfire lights a beach party that runs late into the night!

 Good times, good times! Love, love, love!

(to be continued...)

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silk said...

An amazing experience offered up by the universe for sure!