Monday, November 15, 2010

forty and holding the future in my hand

I turn 40 this coming Friday, November 19th... AND MAN, WHAT A SPECTACULAR RIDE IT'S BEEN! The people! The experiences! The places! The beauty! The emotions! The lessons! The knowledge! The courage! The accomplishments! The moments! The thrills! The pleasure! The pain! The wisdom! The feelings! The scents! The flavors! The textures! The colors! The sounds! And - most of all - ALL THE LOVE! And to think this mind-blowing Life I've experienced up to this point has just been preparation for D's Life - Part 2.  Which, of course, is just going to be that much more fabulous and that much more amazing! I know this because I follow the Path of Truth, which leads ever upward, and ever outward.

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