Tuesday, March 22, 2011

paya bay 3.0: the yoga pavilion

Paya Bay is moving boldly into the future! We are in the process of adding key facilities that will greatly contribute to our goal of making Paya an even more heavenly resort. I'm referring to this latest series of improvements as Paya Bay 3.0. One of these new facilities is a 1,200 square foot covered yoga pavilion!

A new trail leads through the jungle to the perfect location on one of the highest points on the property.

A view of the varied and interesting natural flora along the trail.

The thick, solid posts on which the platform and its roof will be constructed are being secured with concrete foundations in the rocky terrain.

Lucky and Foxy assist me in inspecting the work. They seemed impressed. :)

A gorgeous sunset accents the incredible view that will be the focal point of the pavilion.

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