Thursday, October 6, 2011

peace monument

I'm currently in Tegucigalpa on a business trip. This afternoon I played tourist and visited the Monumento a La Paz (Peace Monument) that sits atop a nicely forested hill in the center of the city. The monument was completed in 1948 at the end of the administration of one of our more colorful and longest-serving caudillo presidents, Tiburcio Carías. Many oldtimers look back fondly on the Carías period as he instituted and effectively enforced a zero tolerance policy on crime and criminals. Interestingly, this monument was just chosen by the capitalinos (Tegucigalpa residents) in a newspaper poll to be the "symbol of Tegucigalpa." Such is the yearning for justice and peace in my country.

Tellingly, in a country traditionally considered to be "devoutly Catholic," the "pagan" Monumento a La Paz beat (by a very large margin) the Cristo del Picacho, a statue representing the Christian prophet that sits on a peak overlooking the city. More evidence that even in supposedly deeply religious societies people are realizing that the emperor (hate-breeding organized religion) has no clothes.

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