Friday, March 23, 2012


Lots of sharing and 'helping others out' occurs at Paya Bay. This spirit of cooperation can be observed all of the time in the spectacular nature that surrounds us here. The photo above is "Exhibit A." The branches of this tree serve as sturdy and beautiful bases for non-parasitic bromeliads. Note also the brown termite tunnel running along the underside of this limb. The termite tunnels are a marvel of insect "civil engineering" themselves -- every single major branch of every single tree on the property has one. Termites never attack living plant tissue, but the moment a branch or twig dies, they don't waste a second converting it (directly or indirectly) into food for their colony, or into building materials for their infrastructure projects. In undisturbed nature, stored energy originating from the sun is always being harvested, converted, recycled, and used in very efficient ways. There is no waste. Something for us 'higher intelligence' beings to ponder.

Photo: Joanne and Matthew

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