Thursday, August 1, 2013

glimpses of bliss

Photos of guests enjoying Paya Bay's Bliss Beach this past romance-themed week.

Even though Bliss Beach is clothing optional, followers of this blog may have noticed that I rarely post photos of our naturist guests enjoying the beach. The reason is simple: here at Paya we deeply respect guest privacy. My rule as "resort photographer" is to never take photos of any client (and particularly naturist clients) unless I have their explicit permission. And, trust me, asking a person who happens to be nude if it's okay to take their photo is one of the most awkward questions one can ask. In fact, I only make that inquiry if I know the person well enough to reasonably expect their answer to be Yes. Occasionally, markedly avant-garde guests will generously share their au naturel photos with me and authorize their use in promoting the resort. Some of my close friends also volunteer to be naturist models. These approved photographs are the only ones I would post on this blog.

Our full moon-centric Romance Weeks cater primarily to our "textile" clientele. As the photos above attest, one upside to these more traditional weeks is that they facilitate sharing with the world the sublime paradise that is Bliss Beach and Paya Bay.

Paya Bay Resort, Roatan, Bay Islands of Honduras.

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