Monday, August 24, 2015

roatan's going green!

Roatan, Bay Islands (21/Aug/2015). Roatan has catapulted to become a leading Honduran region bidding for clean energy production. A megaproject currently underway seeks to replace 100% of the energy matrix that feeds Roatan with clean thermal energy, and has begun to be implemented this year. To make this goal a reality, US$43 million is being invested. Of that amount, $8 million is for a wind energy farm; $30 million for a natural gas-burning plant [current infrastructure it will replace uses much dirtier diesel and bunker]; and $5 million to generate energy from solid waste. Roatan Electric Company (Reco) is responsible for managing and distributing the energy that powers the island. The company has made its first breakthrough with the wind energy farm: a generating tower is already operational; three more will go online in three weeks. The wind center will supply 10% of current demand, which totals close to 12 megawatts. All 26 of the Nordtank generating towers will be operational in late November. They will have an installed capacity of one megawatt per month. The wind farm project is currently 60% complete. "One of the towers is already operational and three will be operational in the coming weeks," said Luis Rodriguez, Reco’s CFO.
- Translated from Diario La Prensa (Spanish) 

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