Monday, July 4, 2016

wonkette's tribute to elie wiesel

Not being a nuclear specialist in any way, I’m scared. I’m scared, because I know that what is imaginable, can happen. I know that the impossible is possible. I’ve seen the film, and while I was watching it, I had a strange feeling that I had seen it before — once upon a time, it happened to my people. And now it happens to all people. And suddenly I said to myself maybe the whole world, strangely, has turned Jewish. Everybody lives now facing the unknown. We are all, in a way, helpless. We are talking about nuclear arms, about the Bomb with a capital B, a kind of divinity in itself. Unless those who know, militarily, what it means — we readers, writers, people — we don’t know what it means. And I hear about thousand bombs, [sic] megatons — I don’t have that kind of imagination. To me it’s an abstraction. But to me, all this means is that the human species may come to an end, that millions of children will die. 
- Elie Wiesel, discussing the 1983 TV movie The Day After

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