Tuesday, September 27, 2016

the best moments of last night's debate

She knew she had succeeded in unhinging the buffoon in front of millions. Madame Secretary is brilliant! Just more evidence that Mr. Trump is temperamentally unfit to hold the office of the Presidency of the United States. Read Wonkette's take.

MyRoatan Factoid: Living basketball legend Shaquille O'neal (shimmying with Mrs. Clinton in the hilarious gif above) was in two of my business courses at LSU. He would typically attend class the first couple of weeks and then pretty much only show up for the exams after that. Apparently star athletes (with their hyper-demanding practice, games, and travel schedules) had access to "notes takers" who attended class for them, took lecture notes, and then tutored them privately on the subject matters.

Shaq (who went on to have an outstanding NBA career) was about as big a college sports superstar as they come. A 900-pound bronze statue of O'Neal is now located in front of the LSU Tigers Basketball Practice Facility. I love the fact that this amazing man is one of my "peers," in the sense that we attended the same university, had similar academic interests, and -- on several occasions -- all 7'1", 300 lbs. of Shaq sat just a few feet away from me in a Baton Rouge classroom. How can one not strive for excellence with such awesome contemporaries as constant inspiration?

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