Thursday, January 26, 2017

community meeting

This evening Paya Bay hosted a meeting of community leaders and activists from the two largest villages of Roatan's East End: Diamond Rock and Camp Bay. Laura Bodden, our senior community leader/activist, chaired the meeting. In mid-2016, the Honduran central government approved funding for the paving of the East End road (a mere 12 kilometers, the only remaining unpaved section of the island's main road). The road work is supposed to commence any moment now as the rainy season winds down. Funding for this key infrastructure project had already been approved a few years ago, only to later be redirected by corrupt politicians in Tegucigalpa looking out for their own personal interests, instead of the interests of the Bay Islanders. We Roatan East Enders are determined to not let such a travesty happen again. The consensus is that we must pressure our local government authorities and politicians to ensure the road paving project becomes a reality this time around. It was awesome to see many new, young community activists attend and participate. We're fired up! Ready to go!

Roatan, Bay Islands of Honduras.

Map: Google Earth

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