Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Gypset Yoga Retreat: Jan. 19-26, 2019

Paya Bay is a unique place.

There’s so much to do here it’s hard to describe in a single post. Melissa and I were immediately taken with the locale when we found it. It’s located on a peninsula on the Honduran Island of Roatan in the Western Caribbean. The resort has 22 private acres of wilderness with nature trails to roam at your leisure and over a mile of shoreline on the turquoise Caribbean Sea.

The yoga platform itself is high on a cliff with beautiful ocean views from every angle. And when we say cliff we mean 7 stories above sea level offering a spectacular panorama of what makes you feel like you are at the edge of the earth and there’s no place you’d rather be. The fresh air and prana-rich environment allows you to fully relax and be present with your breath and the beauty and abundance that surround you. Close your eyes and just imagine yourself there in savasana (yep, blissed out, fully present and as relaxed as you’ve ever been).

It’s a great place to be active outside. You will have your choice of snorkeling (a snorkeling trip is actually included in the cost of your trip), and because Paya Bay is protected and surrounded by a barrier reef it’s a great place to swim in calm waters, scuba dive or enjoy an afternoon of sea kayaking.

Ok, so that’s in water and on your yoga mat, now let’s talk about how you can fill the rest of your day. Go horseback riding on the beach, take in a little bird watching or maybe visit an iguana farm. There is a Sea Plane Tour of the island (which we are WAY into, how cool does that sound?!), or maybe your jam is a trip to Marble Hill Farms where they produce the local jams and jellies. At the end of an active day you could hit Paya Bay’s beach-front bar and lounge, The Black Iguana, for a refreshing beverage or just chill out on their private beach.

We don’t have the Marine Sciences Island Institute schedule yet but we’ll get that out to you once we do.

Adventure awaits, book today!!

As always, don’t hesitate to hit us up with any questions,

Laurel + Melissa

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