Thursday, December 10, 2009

Honduran government denies Zelaya political asylum in Mexico

Tegucigalpa - The Government of Honduras denied former president Manuel Zelaya an application for political asylum in Mexico because it was "inappropriate," said the foreign minister of the Central American country, Carlos Lopez Contreras.

The official confirmed to reporters that Zelaya made a request to the Government of Mexico for it to solicit a safe passage from the Government of Honduras for the purpose of political asylum of the former president.

The request, said Lopez Contreras, was rejected because it "did not meet the appropriate conditions." The Foreign Minister gave no details of the type of asylum Zelaya was requesting. "All I can say is that did not meet the right conditions," he said.

The asylum "is denied because it was inappropriate, the way it had been requested, and the lack of legal qualification for the kind of asylum they were asking us to give," he reiterated.

Translated from Proceso Digital

Apparently Zelaya wanted to go to Mexico as a "distinguished guest" not as a political asylee.  Besides being incredibly farcical, this would have also meant he would be able to travel to third countries and (with Fidel's diabolical guidance and Chavez's financial support) continue stirring excrement.  In other words, the cynical bastard wanted a "get out of jail free" card to persist in his harassment of the Honduran people. The Honduran government was wise to deny this absurdity. After all, this man's mental stability is suspect, he is vindictive, his word is worthless, he has arrest warrants pending against him in Honduras, and - for now - it's best to keep him in his self-imposed Brazilian "embassy" prison. As it is often said, "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer."

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