Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mexico joins the good guys

Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Mexican Foreign Secretary Patricia Espinosa said the Government led by President Felipe Calderón will recognize Honduran elections held on November 29 which were won by Jose Porfirio Lobo Sosa of the opposition Partido Nacional.

The Mexican government also urged Mercosur countries to support these elections as they are "are a necessary but not sufficient condition for the normalization of democratic life in Honduras."

In this way, Mexico joins other countries that have recognized the elections such as the United States, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, [Israel, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and the German Parliament].

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Gracias hermanos mejicanos!

Some Mercosur countries (Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay), whose leaders all seem shockingly submissive to the will of Venezuelan tyrant Hugo Chavez, have their panties in a knot because Honduras refused to do what they all wanted: the restoration of law-breaking, court-disobeying, mob-ruling, Fidel-worshiping, Chavez-serving Manuel Zelaya to power. Bottom line: they got their asses kicked by Hondurans not once, but three times.
  • First there was President Roberto Micheletti's refusal to yield to the immense pressure Chavez, Lula, and Fernandez-Kirchner placed on him to restore Zelaya. 
  • Second, the mass participation of the Honduran people in the November 29 elections (which they tried to stop) with a historic voter turnout of 62% was a brutal slap to their face!
  • The third and final blow came after the elections, with the overwhelming vote by deputies of our National Congress (111-14) not to restore Zelaya.
That must be a very bitter pill for these arrogant, interventionist South American leftist presidents to swallow. Hope it teaches them not to mess with Honduras.  Take your Foro de Sao Paulo and shove it...

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