Wednesday, January 13, 2010

my hero

Don Roberto Micheletti, Constitutional President of Honduras, stood firm in the face of tremendous international pressure (orchestrated by Chavez, his servile ALBA and OAS lackeys, and a few traitorous Hondurans). Mr. Micheletti steadfastly refused to reinstate the sell-out and alleged traitor, Manuel Zelaya, to the Honduran presidency after Zelaya was thrown out on June 28, 2009 for multiple alleged violations of our Constitution and other laws in his failed attempt to remain in power past his term. President Micheletti (with the support of every single democratic institution in Honduras, the armed forces, and the vast majority of the Honduran people) wrested our noble country from the claws of Castro-Chavismo and its bankrupt ideology. This man is a hero. We are so fortunate we had him to lead the defense of our democracy during that critical juncture in our history.

Señor Presidente Micheletti, usted tiene toda mi admiración y respeto. Se dice "No hay pueblo más macho que el pueblo catracho." Esto usted lo comprobó.  Muchísimas, pero muchísimas gracias.

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