Monday, January 18, 2010

quote of the day

Preachers and televangelists, mullahs and imams, often seem almost to gloat over natural disasters – presenting them as payback for human transgressions, or for ‘making a pact with the devil’. Earthquakes and tsunamis are caused not by ‘sin’ but by tectonic plate movements, and tectonic plates, like everything else in the physical world, are supremely indifferent to human affairs and sadly indifferent to human suffering.


One of my favorite childhood books was "The Emperor Has No Clothes," an interesting story about human nature.  When the Emperor parades around in clothes that are "invisible" no one says anything because everybody thinks that if they cannot see the clothes that they are stupid, ignorant, or insane... or at least others will think that they are.  The farce continues until a child exclaims, "The Emperor has no clothes!"

The hateful, shockingly callous, and supremely ignorant utterances we heard from Pat Robertson this past week regarding the tragedy in Haiti have prompted me to "come out," in a sense, about a belief that has been growing stronger in my mind: We humans must unshackle ourselves from the ignorance-based Bronze Age beliefs promoted by traditional organized religion if we are to rise to the next level of our potential. Humanity needs a software upgrade: Human Consciousness 2.0.

"The Emperor (organized religion in its myriad manifestations) has no clothes!"

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Anonymous said...

Amen to every word you just said Davi , Religion has lost so much credbilty , Popes , mullahs , Rabi, telefunadamentalists .and all the so know alls ,Should march right back into the old testament and and hang out with the rest those psychos who started this desease !! Virgie