Sunday, April 11, 2010

pigeon cay excursion (friday, april 9)

My schedule doesn't allow me to go on all the Pigeon Cay trips (I'm realizing, however, that my "hosting" is something guests miss out on when I don't go.) This was an extra special trip as my friend Michelle was visiting from Atlanta, and my friends John and Stacy were visiting from Los Angeles.

The cay in all its glory. Truly one of those 'heaven on earth' places.

The Kiton floats gracefully in the beautiful, multi-hued water that surrounds the cay. The island of Barbaretta can be seen in the background.

Special guests Monica and Michelle chat in the shallow water on the east end of the cay.

Special guests Eric, Dakota, John, and Stacy go snorkeling. Most have opted to snorkel au naturel.

John and Stacy enjoy the freedom of naturism. Beautiful Barbaretta is in the background.

Pigeon Cay is the definition of a tropical paradise!

This blog post has been brought to you courtesy of Corona. (kidding. sorta.)

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Margaret said...

I have my picture of Pigeon Cay as my screensaver on my laptop so that it is always to carry me through and remind me of heaven on earth