Friday, April 30, 2010

it feels so good

We were there in 2008, and have very fond memories.  Due to a new house project and some other travelling haven't gotten back.  But we will!!! Your site is terrific, your improvements are amazing, and it made my heart good to read all those terrific reviews on TripAdvisor - many said just what I said back in 2008. We may not get there til 2012, so will probably celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary with you.  Nothing compares to Payabay!!
Love to all of you, Claudia and Mike

A response to today's newsletter.  Appreciation for one's hard work is so wonderful! Thank you, guys!

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Margaret said...

And we appreciate your hard work as well.. We were there in 2008 and have loved watching the evolution of Paya Bay and all that you are doing to make it even more idyllic.. Coincidentally, we are hoping to celebrate our 40th anniversary there - October 2011.

Margaret and Peter