Friday, July 2, 2010

soul vibrating tribal energy

The Garífunas perform at last night's Tribal Beach Party. Like Paya Bay, they only get better. Adelante Victor y compañia!

Note their instruments. These include a turtle shell that is tapped rhythmically with a single drumstick (left), a shaking instrument full of seeds (rear right), and the treble and bass African drums. (Not pictured above are the maracas and a beautiful seashell used as a horn.)

The drums are amazing. As group leader Victor (seated front right with the big bass drum) says, "These drums... they can even wake the dead."

On another occasion, Edison (Victor's brother and a friend; I love his name, because - like me - he was named after a famous historical figure, which, apparently, was the thing to do in the 1970's "hippie" Honduras) holds the musical seashell.  The music of the seashell is primal, haunting, and speaks to the soul.

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