Monday, February 28, 2011

friday, march 4 - day of peace

I just received the following from a friend. It sounds like great project!

On Friday 4th March we will be celebrating a worldwide 'Day of Peace' and we invite you to join us.

This day was inspired by someone wanting to make a difference in the world and believing that one day can make a difference. We can all make a difference and we can start with one day....

What he suggests for this day is the following :

#1 -  Say not a single unkind thing about anyone or anything. If at all possible, try not to even think a nasty thought. If we do, reflect on why it was that we thought to say it in the first place.


#2 -  Show everyone we cross paths with some genuine human compassion. Be it with a smile or kind words, just spread some love.


#3 -   Make not one person the exception to the rule. Not everyone deserves to have roses thrown at their feet and have a holiday in their honor, but nobody deserves to feel alone. Reach out. Talk to someone new. Care about them, and we will be cared for in return.

Thanks, Susan!  A day of peace (facebook login required)

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