Tuesday, February 8, 2011

new water toy

Acting on a suggestion from a recent guest, Paya Bay Resort purchased a paddleboard to add to our water toy options. These wide, light, stable boards are fun and easy to use. They contribute to inner core strength and sense of balance. We plan to add another board shortly so that couples or two friends can share the experience.

According to exercise buffs, a person gets a full body workout through paddle boarding with an average male person burning up to a thousand calories per hour while women can burn up to 700 calories within the same time period. This is fifty percent more than using a treadmill.

Stand up paddling can also develop muscles on the core areas (hips, trunk and buttocks). These areas usually generate power and strength to the body.

Paddle boarding enthusiasts assured everyone that learning the sport is not as complicated as learning surfing. Plus, the sense of balance is strengthened which is usually overlooked in some gym exercises.

Source: paddleboarding.com 
Photos: Michael Gauthier, The Scuba Diving Directory

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