Friday, August 19, 2011

fastening seatbelts

Roatan is in for some turbulent weather as Tropical Depression Eight (forecasted to become a tropical storm this afternoon) travels over the Bay Islands tonight. It's been a rather dry summer so the plants and trees will love the abundant rain this system should bring us.

UPDATE: As of noon local time, the system has been upgraded and named. What is now Tropical Storm Harvey has maximum sustained winds of 40MPH, and is approximately 155 miles east of Roatan.

UPDATE 2: At 5:30 PM local time (7:30 EDT) Harvey is approximately 100 miles east of Roatan. It is moving west at 12MPH. Maximum sustained winds have increased a bit to 45MPH. We've already had some strong downpours this afternoon here on the island. I figure that by 9PM the storm's winds will start to kick in.

UPDATE 3: It's now 12:15AM local time. The center of Harvey is 60 miles east of Roatan. The U.S. National Hurricane Center reports that maximum sustained winds have increased to 60MPH (pretty much a "baby" hurricane). Winds and rain have abruptly started to pick up here on the island...

Graphic: NOAA

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