Thursday, December 22, 2011

2011 keywords

There is a crucial spiritual lesson wrapped in this simple idea. Either you completely trust Infinite Intelligence or you don't trust it at all. You can't half-trust, in much the same way a woman can't be half-pregnant. It's one or the other. 1 or 0. Black or white. If you truly - TRULY - trust Infinite Good, you quickly realize that there is no other option but to completely surrender.

I'm sensing I've made a bit of progress with this spiritual challenge this year. Incredibly, I'm also finding that the more I let go and allow the Universe to gently unfold the next moment of my conscious awareness, the more amazing those present moments become.


Susie Leiper said...

Well thought and said, my friend!

Kimmo said...

A few months back I thought I had it all figured out and I was really happy, day after day appreciating life's beauty, but lately I've kinda been losing my ways. I have to say thanks, because your post gave me a little spiritual boost and steered me back towards the right direction.