Wednesday, December 7, 2011

human rights

The US took a groundbreaking step on global LGBT rights Tuesday, joining the UK in tying foreign aid to governments’ protection of sexual minorities, raising the stakes in the increasingly globalized battle over gay rights. 
The Obama Administration’s sweeping initiative —which will potentially steer billions of dollars in US aid toward countries and programs that protect rights while expanding efforts to protect LGBT refugees — was announced ahead of Human Rights Day. The timing reinforced a now-common refrain that has been spoken, chanted and shouted by rights activists around the world for decades: Gay rights equal human rights.
- GlobalPost

A gutsy, admirable, and transcendental move by the Obama administration. There is no argument stronger than human rights. I repeat: There is no argument stronger than human rights. Despite the despicable lies zealously perpetuated by some fear-mongering religions, it should be obvious to the reasoning person that no Love-based, omniscient, infallible "Creator" (if, indeed, such an entity exists) would discriminate against parts of its own creation. It's like God saying, "I'm Infinite Intelligence and Infinite Love, but -- just for kicks -- I'll create some humans with a sexual orientation "mistake" so the other 90% of humans can judge, bully, reject, vilify, and/or crucify them." Sorry. That simply makes no logical sense. If such a psychotic God entity exists, it should be locked in a padded room at an insane asylum. It's certainly not worthy of worship, that's for sure.

The "shining city upon a hill" is regaining some of its lost luster.

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