Monday, April 16, 2012

black widow watch

Argentina is to renationalise YPF, its biggest oil company, ousting the Spanish group Repsol as majority shareholder and prompting a furious row with Madrid. In a move likely to have significant investor and diplomatic fallout, Cristina Fernández, Argentina’s president, sent a bill to Congress on Monday to put 51 per cent of YPF in state hands.
Following an emergency government meeting, Spain’s foreign minister José Manuel Garcia-Margallo said Madrid was considering measures against Argentina, which would be announced in the coming days. “This has broken the cordial climate that existed between Spain and Argentina,” he said. “Spain had worked with Argentina during its hardest hours.”
- Financial Times

She can't have the Falkland Islands, but damnit she's going to grab something. Many Hondurans are not big fans of Ms. Fernández. She staunchly supported Hugo Chavez's nefarious efforts to take control of our country in 2009. The objective of this ALBA project was to give to Chavez complete control of the northbound narcotics air trafficking routes. (This speaks volumes about Ms. Fernandez's moral character, doesn't it?)

It's interesting how, unable to get the Americans and Canadians to support Argentina's baseless, hysterical claim on "Las Malvinas," she dramatically stormed out of the recent Summit of the Americas (kind of high school behavior, don't you think, Cristina?). Surely she knew going in to the summit the North Americans were not going to jump on her silly "Malvinas" bandwagon. Something is not right with this one. I'm sure Hillary's her match, though (Mrs. Clinton celebrates after kicking some Buenos Aires butt in Cartagena.)

Photo: Proceso Digital. I know the arrogant, image-conscious señora presidenta hates this unflattering photograph. All the more reason to use it. In the immortal words of Gregg Talbert, one of my most cunning and vicious (in "the good way") Louisiana friends, "She's evil and must be destroyed!"

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