Monday, April 2, 2012

new tool

I take many of the photos posted on this blog. I have a keen interest in photography and after my old camera succumbed to the island's salt spray-infused air, I decided to upgrade to a slightly more sophisticated device in order to continue learning more about the art. Considering myself an 'intermediate amateur,' I opted for a Nikon P7000. It allows adjustments to settings like ISO, white balance, exposure compensation, etc. The user's manual for this camera is over 200 pages of fine print, and about as much fun to read as a college-level physics textbook. However, my goal (challenge) is to learn to use the camera to its full potential.

One feature that immediately stands out about this little electronic marvel is that it has -- not just one -- but two infrared scanners pointing in different directions! Turn it on, and it immediately begins gathering "major" information about the environment it finds itself in. Modern electronics are fascinatingly sophisticated (even if a bit "creepy").

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