Tuesday, September 24, 2013

interesting perspective

Why would a "loving" god create a world of such suffering? God did not just create mankind, it created the animal world as well. And it is only in the last hundred years or so has mankind been able to mitigate the worst of suffering. And man has existed for at least 150 thousand years. Thanks god!

Almost all animals die screaming in fear and agony. They know fear and suffering just as humans do, but they do not aspire to heaven.

But it is worse than that. Religion - Jewish and Muslim - requires that animals - even those bred to die - die screaming in fear and agony as ordained by the god-thing. Halal and kosher meat has to come from animals slaugtered slowly and painfully. Again, what kind of god wants that? What kind of decent human being wants that?
- Response from reader "oldman" to this telegraph.co.uk article.

All religions are evil. Christianity included. Fortunately, in more advanced cultures, the evil of religion have been neutralised. But we are being swamped by primitive cultures who use the power of numbers - and threats - to impose their evil on us.

If I had my way religionists would be locked away in loony-bins for the imbeciles and the scum of the Earth that they are.

However, if there is a god and I meet it, I will smash its ugly brutal face in.

It is certainly true. Good men do good things, bad men do bad things. Only religion makes good men do bad things.
- Response from reader "oldman" to this telegraph.co.uk article.

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