Thursday, September 26, 2013

quote of the day

Davinci, you guys have the most beautiful place on Roatan. All the other resorts -- even the multimillion dollar developments with their artificial waterfalls and lagoon pools -- are trying to look like you. They are all trying to be like Paya Bay, but you already have it, you are already at the top. You ARE the top. Look at this! 
-  an extremely nice, spontaneous compliment from my friend, Chris Benson, who visited today with his girlfriend and her mom. Chris owns and runs Tranquil Seas Eco-Lodge in Roatan's Sandy Bay

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Chris Benson said...

When you feel far away from everything you have the time and space to appreciate the simplest of moments.

the creativeness of one's surroundings, the delicious breeze that sends you into a Roatan trance and the best views of both beach and bush!

This does not come from corporate managed, all inclusive package vacations....this comes from ones soul and the open arms of Paya Bays creators.

Thank you for sharing your energy, creativeness and passion with the world.