Thursday, August 4, 2016

efaristó universo!

We are very fortunate. Tropical Storm Earl tracked a few crucial kilometers farther north of the Bay Islands even as it intensified into hurricane strength before making landfall in Belize. We were only affected by the outer bands of the storm. We are happy and grateful to report we experienced virtually no damage here at Paya Bay. Our thoughts and best wishes go out to our neighbors in Belize who had to absorb the brunt of this storm. I took these photos as I inspected the property early this morning (note that the shade curtains were proactively removed from the cabanas in Buccaneer Landing to prevent damage to them). *Efaristó is how one says thank you in Greek.

Paya Bay Resort, Roatan, Bay Islands of Honduras.

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SETravel said...

Great news! Happy you and everyone at PB are well and undamaged. Kathy and I are excited to make a return visit next week to your little slice of Paradise. See you Monday, as long as the roads are passable! Louis & Kathy