Tuesday, December 7, 2010

the trash next door

One [of the secret diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks] states that, during the election campaign that brought him to power in early 2007, [Nicaraguan President Daniel] Ortega and his party, the Frente Sandinista de Liberacion Nacional (FSLN), received international drug money "in exchange for Sandinista judges releasing [drug] traffickers arrested by the police and the military."


The diplomat paints Daniel Ortega as a rogue character who would do anything to get money: "In September 2004, the boxer Ricardo Mayorga allegedly raped a young woman in a hotel in Managua. Sensing the opportunity to blackmail Mayorga, Ortega and the FSLN agreed to protect the boxer in court in exchange for a share of profits from fighting and that he be featured in political advertisements for Daniel. Mayorga agreed, a FSLN judge found him not guilty in December." According to reports from the U.S., much of the profits from Mayorga's fights went to the pockets of Ortega.

... and..

The president [Daniel Ortega] is completely crazy," says one informant, "he has become a threat to the country.

- Translated from El Pais (Spanish)

Pardon me while I wallow in my schadenfreude. This joker (Daniel Ortega), pressured by Hugo Chavez and his ALBA cronies, refuses to recognize the administration of Porfirio Lobo which resulted from the crisis-ending and massively attended Honduran elections of November 2009. Ortega has also done everything possible to hinder Honduras on the international stage after his pseudo-socialist buddy, Manuel Zelaya, was thrown out of Honduras in June 2009 for attempting to abort our constitution and remain in power. I see some karmic payback being delivered to this schmuck. This WikiLeaks exposé opens the curtains wide and reveals to the world the filth that is Daniel Ortega (something that shouldn't surprise many). The Nicaraguan people do not deserve this cretin! And, frankly, neither does Central America or the rest of the world.

There is a saying in Spanish: Todo cae por su propio peso (Everything falls by its own weight). With the transformation that is occurring in global consciousness, I believe these fake, cynical so-called leaders (Chavez, Ortega, the Castros, Zelaya, etc.) who make fun of, disrespect, and abuse their people will soon become thing of the past.

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