Saturday, June 11, 2011

my hero speaks

The Honduran Congress elected Mr. Roberto Micheletti as Interim President of Honduras after Manuel Zelaya was removed from power (by order of the Supreme Court) in June 2009 for ignoring Supreme Court rulings and attempting to illegally abort the country's constitution and remain in power. President Micheletti stood firm and never flinched in the face of tremendous and unprecedented international pressure orchestrated by Hugo Chavez to reinstate the rogue Zelaya. Chavez was so rabidly upset to see his plan to take control of Honduras thwarted that he even threatened an invasion to reinstall his puppet. Mr. Micheletti saw the country through the scheduled general elections of November 2009 which international observers declared the cleanest and most well attended elections in the country's history. In January 2010, he turned power over to Porfirio Lobo, the winner of the elections. Roberto Micheletti is the savior of Honduran democracy. Had he relented one inch, the dark side would have crushed him. This truly amazing man courageously led my country through one of its most harrowing moments. He is an example to follow and he is my hero. Usted tiene todo mi respeto y mi gratitud Señor Presidente.

The people are not interested at all in a constituent assembly. I think we Hondurans are smart enough to realize where the bad is and where the good is. There is a group of communists who want to seize power in the nation and a group of politicians who intend to continue the game that benefits the people of ALBA and, especially, the interests of Chavez. I do not support any constituent assembly, no matter how they paint it.


Hopefully there is no commitment that [President Porfirio Lobo] has made with Chavez, a dictator in his country and, logically, [a person who] does not bring positive consequences for any country in Latin America that has close ties with him. We have seen how he operates. We all know that Chavez does not take one step without having already calculated his political interests.


I'm not inclined to visit the U.S. [where Mr. Micheletti was invited to testify before Congress] simply to avoid being in the same room with [U.S. Ambassador to Honduras] Hugo Llorens, a disrespectful man, a liar, and someone who I think is even more communist than all others. I have many truths to tell because we have learned through WikiLeaks of Llorens's inventions, which did so much damage to Honduras in the past and continues to do so now.

When asked what importance the return of [exiled former President] Manuel Zelaya might have for Honduras, Mr. Micheletti said, "Who is that? I do not remember him. I do not know him. I really believe his presence in the country is irrelevant."

Translated from and photo courtesy of La Prensa

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like Mr. Micheletti paints a valid picture of Hugo Llorens. I have not read what Wikileaks has said of him but I did see an article that mentions his name along with Democracy Now! which is a syndicated talk show on Pacifica Radio (US) which is a very left leaning talk show. In fact they have a Cuban national as a co-host. Coincidently Democracy Now! paints a very different picture of Socialism in Cuba than the Cuban woman I work with that spends a lot of her time getting her relatives out of Cuba and into the U.S..