Saturday, March 9, 2013

black is the new black

This is an interesting series of photographs. I took them from the shore at Paya Bay. Apparently, the motor of these guys' cayuco had quit working or they ran out of fuel. Anyway, they are paddling back home from a fishing trip (most likely heading to the Garífuna town of Punta Gorda, which is about 3 miles from this spot). I was struck by the unusual coincidence that all the passengers were wearing black clothing in a cayuco also painted black. There was something very Hollywood-esque and Pirates of the Caribbean about this scene.

Note how the guy on the bow of the cayuco is using a long stick to help push the cayuco home. I suspect that the kid standing on the stern, besides enjoying the ride from a great vantage point, is also helping his boat mates identify and avoid shallow reefs and hazardous coral heads.

At this speed, home is still -- I'd estimate -- two hours away for these guys.

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