Friday, March 8, 2013

little hellraiser

Of course, I remember you, Davi! You were a smart little boy...
...A smart, SMART little boy!
- Nice compliment from someone I ran into yesterday who I hadn't seen since I was a kid.

I have to admit I was a terror from the moment I could skillfully engage this world. Little Davinci was an explosive combo of curiosity-triggering intelligence, unbounded self-confidence, and fearless audacity. No "trouble" was too big for me. What often saved me from harsher penalties (being put up for adoption, perhaps?) was that it was hard to believe such a cute, "sweet" little kid could be responsible for the havoc my "adventures" sometimes resulted in. When the facts left no doubt I was the culprit for some racket or upheavel in the neigborhood, the response was often: "Davi did THAT?! Oh my god, that's so unbelievably ballsy, creative, and funny! This kid is awesome!" These comments from neighbors and family friends were often accompanied by their hearty, incredulous laughter; glowing, approving glances and head nods in my direction; and encouraging atta boy! hair tussles or pats on the head. (They were probably also thinking, "OMG, this one's a little twisted!")

In retrospect, I now realize my parents deserve platinum medals for raising such a hell-raising little brat.

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