Wednesday, October 16, 2013

honduras qualifies for 2014 world cup!

It can be difficult for someone in the United States to fully comprehend what a World Cup appearance means to a nation like Honduras.

Our much larger nation is blessed with more Olympic gold medalists and globally recognized athletes than most of us can possibly keep track of.

It’s so much different in a place like Honduras, where the population of 8.2 million put its pretty close to Virginia. Size-wise, at 43,000 square [miles], it’s just a little bigger than Kentucky or Tennessee.

So making a World Cup is a massive historical achievement … and the fact that Honduras’ place in world soccer has grown substantially in the past four years makes Tuesday’s accomplishment less novel, perhaps, but no less cause for celebration.

The steadily rising Hondurans qualified for their second consecutive World Cup, surviving the unbelievable night with a 2-2 draw against Jamaica down in Kingston.
- NBC Sports

Felicidades Selección! Grande Honduras!

Photos: El Heraldo


Rosemary Aguilar said...

Congratulations to the team and the nation of Honduras!

Wilford James said...

A much deserved results for our team. I pray she continue to provide us with great games and, fingers crossed, take us to the finals. Our country can use some more wins. "Viva Honduras"