Saturday, July 25, 2015

lucky resort dogs

Sisters from the same litter, Thelma and Louise are as different as siblings can be. Their combined energies, however, is a joy to observe and experience. They are always happy to play the role of temporary pets for those missing their animal friends back home (yummy treats are not required, but are not frowned upon either). These two canine "hosts" play an important role in the magic that often happens at Paya Bay!

Thelma (a.k.a., "Telmis") is a sweet, gentle, patient, mostly obedient, smart, easy-going, loving dog. She loves the ocean and doesn't miss an opportunity to go for a swim.

Louise (a.k.a., "Lou-Lou," and "440") is the "rebel in the family." She's high-strung, high-energy, impatient, fiercely loyal, and very protective of anyone she's decided is one of her humans. Her cognitive skills are impressive. We nicknamed her "440" because she doesn't "run" on 110 volts or even 220, she runs on 440 "volts"!

Paya Bay Resort, Roatan, Bay Islands of Honduras

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