Friday, April 15, 2016


My wonderful parents left no stone unturned, sacrificed, and did without to ensure I received a first-class education. My academic career took me all the way to earning a Master's Degree in Business Administration from a world-renowned American university. Life experience is helping me realize what a priceless gift they (with the assistance of several other key and amazing people along the way) bestowed upon me. The average human body contains 37.2 TRILLION cells. Each of those cells carries in its own personal DNA molecule 50% of our mother's alleles and 50% of our father's alleles. Every single cell in my body is grateful for my parents' selfless altruism and unconditional love. Imagine a beautiful chorus of 37.2 trillion consecutive thank you's! It would take eternity to listen to and enjoy the whole thing. THAT's how grateful I am.

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