Thursday, April 14, 2016

isery means "what's new" in garífuna

Honduran daily El Heraldo has published photos of Isery, the brand-new, recently inaugurated, ship-shaped nightclub that has now been closed and confiscated by Honduran and U.S. government authorities. Isery means "what's new" in the Garífuna language. Amazing creativity (and deep pockets) are on display here. This enterprise and all the jobs it would have represented for island people are yet another casualty of the infamous U.S. "war on drugs." I'm not sure if demolishing an allegedly cartel-financed business in a country that desperately needs jobs and development is a "good" thing or a "bad" thing. It is what it is. Perhaps, however, certain Americans (see Donald Trump and his ilk, for example) should not get so upset when demoralized Central Americans migrate illegally to North America in search of opportunities and a better future; when, as can be observed in this instance, the U.S. federal government's own controversial policies are destroying job opportunities down here in Banana Land. Just saying.

Photos: El Heraldo (Spanish)

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