Wednesday, January 4, 2012

folkloric latin wisdom

El que no gozó aqui y al cielo no vá, lo joden aqui y lo recontrajoden allá.
- a Latin-American saying (one of several the Catholic Church probably hates)

It roughly translates: The one who didn't enjoy life here and then doesn't go to heaven, gets f_cked here and, furthermore, gets super-ref_cked there.

After all, who knows how picky the bouncer at the supposed "Pearly Gates" will be? What if the cigarettes you had behind the shed at 12 are a deal-breaker? Makes one think, doesn't it? This idea may help explain why latinos are -- in general -- such warm, relaxed, happy, expressive, dance-y, touch-ey, feel-ey, joyful, sexy people.

With globalization and the sharing of cultural norms, perhaps this "latin energy" is something the rest of the world could adopt from us.

Hat tip: Nicolás.

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