Tuesday, January 31, 2012

different worlds all tossed together

There is no "Florida." Starting at the bottom, you've got your gay Mecca - Key West. Then all those boat bums, idle fisherman, ex-weed haulers, treasure divers, et. al., up the Keys to Miami.

Miami to about Palm Beach or Launderdale is the Florida most people think of. But there's Havana - it's not "Little Havana" any more. It's just Havana. Calle Ocho. Etc.

The middle of the state is a damn big swamp, with DisneyWorld on the West side. Miles and miles of retirement communities in various states of collapse.

You got the Panhandle - Cracker Country for sure. The big ass airbase. And we didn't cover Tampa and St. Pete yet, either, because the Gulf Coast is always the last thing folks talk about when they talk Florida.

It's many, many different worlds all tossed together. But there is no "Florida."
-  Tundra Grifter @ Wonkette

One of the best (and funniest!) descriptions I've ever heard of the State of Florida.

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