Friday, January 27, 2012

roatan's "autumn"

This astounding, MoMA-worthy photograph (taken - incredibly! - with my Blackberry's camera) is another view from my balcony here in heaven at Paya Bay.

This time of year, after the rainy season, the leaves of the sea almond trees turn beautiful shades of orange and red, and then they fall. This annual "clean the slate and start over" behavior by trees is rarer here in the tropics, where most everything stays green and keeps growing year round. Interestingly, when the almond trees re-bud and create fresh crops of new leaves in a week or two, they will abandon branches that - for some reason or the other - failed to contribute adequately to each particular tree's 'greater good.' These internally cut-off branches don't get new leaves and eventually dry up and fall off. Obviously, even trees practice 'tough love' and make necessary corrections in their growth. This leaf-shedding event gives a dash of brilliant color to the natural tropical surroundings.

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