Thursday, June 14, 2012

los mineros

In preparation for the the big push to complete the Bliss Beach Bar and Eco Lounge by November of this year, Paya Bay's Grounds Team is now 'harvesting' stone for the project. Our amazing property is blessed with a virtually inexhaustible supply of beautiful slate-like stone that 'slices' very easily, smoothly, and evenly. Awesomely, the indigenous stone has a gorgeous light, blue-gray hue to it (along with a dash of sparkly gay minerals). The guys just dig up the rock chunks (their highest point is usually no more than six inches below the surface), position them appropriately, and split them multiple times using an anvil and chisel right at the dig spot. I sense that when these rocks are dug up, awoken from their perennial sleep, and vigorously split open exposing their mesmerizing inner beauty to sunlight for the first time in ever, there is a sweet, delicious release of energy that immediately begins to occur. Imagine having so much potential beauty inside and not being able to express it for thousands (perhaps millions) of years!

We are going to need a lot of this beautiful stone. The floors of the entire beach bar and lounge facility will be treated with its rustic beauty. Note that after the stone is extracted, we fill in the voids in the ground with new soil and replant any vegetation that was affected. Using locally available building materials has a very green upside: no fossil fuels will be used to move these heavy stone slices to the adjacent construction site. I'm aware of development projects on Roatan that import stone from Italy. Imagine the carbon footprint of that approach.

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Deirdre Pringle said...

Can't wait to stand on that new floor and order a drink at the bar!