Monday, August 27, 2007

a chef? moi?

So, I've been advertising an internship position for a chef here at Paya Bay. We currently have local cooks in the kitchen that do a decent job, but my goal is to dramatically improve the quality of our food. Well, our friend Ben (who is a chef) found out what I was doing and insists that the person who should learn how to cook is me, and --listen to this!-- he has offered to teach me. He argues that if I know how to prepare excellent food I will "have command of my kitchen" and will be able to (a) teach my staff how to do it properly and (b) insist that they produce the quality I want. He wants me to read Julia Child's very first cookbook as he says it teaches all the basics about food preparation. He will then he train me in "cheffing" on weekends. Who would have thunk?! I love learning new things, so I'm very excited about this! Meanwhile, the internship position is still available.

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