Wednesday, February 27, 2008

cross-training jogging/walking path completed!

This morning I took my first jog on Paya Bay's recently completed jogging/walking path. As you can see in the photos, parts of this path were -- literally -- carved from rock. I take my hat off to our hard-working employees (especially Don Nesto and Bannis) for all the sweat and love they put into this challenging project.

I'm calling it a "cross-training" path because even though it's approximately 70% flat, the path also has inclines, declines, and even some stair climbing (great for glutes). Whether you walk or jog, this is truly a great way to get some good exercise while on your vacation.

Part B of this project is adding calisthenic exercise stations along the path. Soon come, mon!

glimpses of paradise

Lil' Bay Beach earlier this week.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

"algunos nacen con estrella"

There is a Mexican proverb that goes "Algunos nacen con estrella, otros nacen estrellados." Literally, it doesn't translate to English well, but its meaning is thus: "Some are born with a star over them, others are born 'estrellados' (crashed)". My amazing and beautiful mother is the star that I was born with and the one that hovers above me. She taught me LOVE, which is probably the most important lesson of Life. She has always believed in me and been my biggest fan. She is so very special and I am happy and grateful that I'm having this opportunity in Life to get to spend quality time with her again and learn many more of the lessons she wants to teach me. Lurlene Cooper de McNab is truly an angel. May her Life be long, healthy, and prosperous!