Friday, December 11, 2009

Zelaya must leave the Brazilian Embassy on January 27

Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Brazil gave notice to deposed President of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, that he must leave the South American country's embassy, where he can stay no later than January 27, revealed a Brazilian diplomat on Friday.

Francisco Catunda, charge d'affaires of the Embassy of Brazil in the Honduran capital, said by telephone to the television network Globo that Zelaya knows that after that date he must leave the embassy, where he installed himself in September after entering the country surreptitiously.

"He (Zelaya) is aware that he must leave on 27 January when his original term would have ended, he has to find another location," said Catunda.

Translated from El Heraldo

Zelaya has become an annoying liability for the Brazilians.  Excuse me while I wallow in my schadenfreude.

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