Monday, August 9, 2010

a beautiful tale of two friends

Team members Evelyn (on the left) and Zulema are servers in Paya's restaurant and have become close friends. About six weeks ago Zulema had a terrible accident on her way to work. She was taking a shortcut down a cliff side in the early morning and somehow tripped and fell. She hit a rock with her head and was knocked unconscious, suffering a severe laceration and concussion. What awakened her was bloody sea water lapping on her. Miraculously, Zulema was able to reach deep inside and summon the strength to climb back up the cliff and seek help. She was rushed to hospital and has been slowly recovering ever since. This last week she felt well enough to return to work. At the hospital they removed her hair in the area of the wound and she now wears a band over the area to cover the still-healing lesion.

This weekend I noticed that Evelyn was wearing a band on her head, and I commented on what I thought was a new look. Evelyn then explained to me that she was wearing the head band in solidarity with her friend, as she didn't want Zulema to feel embarrassed by having to wear a band to cover her injury. I was left speechless by the beauty of this gesture! What an amazing friend! Que hermosa persona eres Evelyn!

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Unknown said...

You ladies sound pretty amazing. I can't wait to meet you in a couple of weeks. What a beautiful friendship.