Saturday, April 30, 2011

quote of the day

It would be a high degree of indifference that as judges we remained silent regarding the latent potential in the coming days that a resolution is produced in favor of an ex-president, motivated by external interference that by way of blackmail is conditioning the re-entry of our country to the OAS to the possibility of canceling trials for corruption.

From the moment you arrive at a judicial decision of law to meet other goals, regardless of how worthy these are, there is a serious injury to the value "justice" and a blatant violation of judicial independence would remain in the annals of history as the most unfortunate precedent that can be bequeathed to courts of this country.

- Honduran Association of Judges and Magistrates (translated from La Prensa)

A group of South American countries aligned with Hugo Chavez are pressuring the Honduran judiciary to annul the corruption trials against former president Manuel Zelaya as a condition for their voting for the return of Honduras to the Organization of American States. Honduras was expelled from the OAS for the forced removal of Zelaya from the presidency in June 2009 for his attempt to abort the constitution, change the form of government, and remain in power.

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