Monday, October 31, 2011


You bring a nice energy to this place.
- a very nice compliment received from a Paya Bay guest this evening

Thank you, Mr. Silky, for all you have taught me! I love you so much, my brother. As you know well, you're one of the brightest and most beautiful stars in My Personal Milky Way®.  Your dazzling and exquisitely twisted light reminds those of us fortunate enough to be caught in the Silky Vortex® how absolutely astonishing a human being can be. Dude, I can't imagine you ever having anything less than a 100% of my love, respect, gratitude, and admiration.

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Silky said...

Wow D... talk about a compliment!!! And coming from YOU, that makes it even more amazing. I truly am blown away and very humbled too I've told you before, I think you and I learn and feed off each other. I'm not sure if we are paying it forward, backwards or sideways...maybe just paying it all around. To be sharing part of our journey's together, I am truly thankful. You know next year is a our 10 year annivsary...A). Any chance we can convince you to get to the ATL in May to and do the ride you helped start...over $1 million raised for HIV/IDS research, wow!, and B) I wonder what our next 10 years will be like. Fasten your seatbelt buddy! ;-)

I love you with my whole heart and being Soul Brother.