Saturday, November 10, 2012

wonkette rips the "latino moochers" meme

Wonkette's on a roll! Some sample snarky/witty comments from the wonkerati:
"Yes, how dare they be...COMPETENT at their objectives of WINNING?!?!?!? Also, how dare they tell the truth about a man who had no discernible empathy or compassion except towards those made of money just like him. That's entirely un-American. Except when white guys do it. In that case, it's Freedom and Liberty and the such as."

"How long until someone on Fox floats the idea of reinstating the 3/5 rule?"

"My Honduran 'exchange student,' who works harder than any white handyman I have ever hired, begs to differ. Or at least he might, if he could get online and speak English."

"That will happen when tiny pigs wear red boots!"
- Wonkette

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