Tuesday, December 25, 2012

holiday shoutouts

"What would Silky do?" - "Love" barely begins to describe our fiber optic connection, Scott Hayes!

"Davinci huuunnnngry!" - Kevincito, I love you with all my heart, you half-Cuban/half Redneck, bright, beautiful, happy, hilarious, love-splattering spirit!

"What do you mean 'It only gets better'? That sounds like comparison! Aren't we supposed to not compare?" - Lisa Bronkhorst you are a brilliant light in my life! I love you so much, Sweetie Sweetie.

"Ay Dios mio!" - Magali Hasser, le tengo tantísimo cariño, bella señora! Que viva la hermosa gente de Puerto Rico!

"Ay Anita, que malos somos! En serio... somos terribles! Jijijijiji!" - Ana Isabel Ponce. Sweet, pure, eternal love, my friend!

"Besito!!!!" - Comrade Doctor/Entrenched KGB Agent Kuznetsov. Jeffimushka, what bright, beautiful light you bring to this world! Don't outshine me, beyotch!

"You're just as crazy as I am, you crazy f_ck!" - Michelle Groover, I worship the day I met you! Love you so much, you succulent Georgia Peach.

"Bet it's as pink as bubblegum!" - Kurt Harvell, you have "trailer-in-the-sky" quality real estate in my heart! Pure, life-nourishing, unconditional love, Kurtcito!

"Yeah, that one is not too happy with me right now. Oops!" - Geoffrey Greene, words... forget it... impossible. You're the human version of late 80's/early 90's MDMA!

"I love you, D." - Kurt Edwins, our love/hate swirl of a friendship has come a long way. Ho, you know that - deep down - I love you to pieces. I've no doubt that if "push came to shove" you'd have my back (and vice-versa).

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